Audition Confirmation - Cinderella 2024/2025

We are very excited, very soon our directors will be opening the casting for Cinderella. As you have registered to take part in this brilliant pantomime please let us know what day you will attending the auditions. This is important we have this information so we can ensure everyone gets a fair chance to Audition.

In Aladdin we had 6 very busy sell out shows, and we're expecting Cinderella to be even busier, with tickets already sold!

Parts we will be casting for:

Cinderella - A sweet young girl who never seems to get a break in life. Must be able to sing.

Buttons - Highly energetic, will hold the comedy scenes for the panto, must be able to sing.

Wicked Step Mother - The evil step mother of Cinderella, this year is the dame, must be able to strongly engage with the audience.

Kylie - One of the ugly sisters, totally bratty and sassy. (This character name may still be changed)

Kendall - Other ugly sister, totally bratty and sassy.  (This character name may still be changed)

Prince Charming - A handsome young man who falls in love with Cinderella, needs to be able to sing.

Alice - Cinderellas best friend, needs to be able to sing.

Dan - The princes aide, comedy character

Dini - The princes other aide, comedy character

Fairy Godmother - A very sassy fairy, speaks in rhymes and holds all the magic powers, ideally can sing.

Starlina Glitter - The local celebrity that hosts "Pantonias got Talent", small part but has lines.

Baron Hardup - Cinderellas father, NOVA panto have already casted this part so please dont choose this character

Grabbit - Brokers man, chases the Baron for unpaid tax

Scarper - Brokers man 2, chases the Baron for unpaid tax

King - The royal character, the princes father, not a huge part will have some lines.

Please note, we may add more parts after auditions if our directors feel there is potential for another character. Please note you may not always be offered the part you audition for, if our directors decide you would be better as another character. You of course will have the right to decline the part offered.

Due to the number of parts we cannot offer everybody a part in this show, so please make sure you use the audition to show us what you can do. 

What happens?
You will be auditioning the part you decide, this will be an extract from the script for that character. If the character sings a song in the show you may be asked to sing a extract of that song too.

You only need to come to one of the auditions.

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