NOVA Pantomime Group Membership Form 2024-2025

As per legal obligation, we must maintain a membership form for every member of our group, including those who register to join backstage, even if you only help out for a single occasion. In the event that you complete the form but later change your mind about being a member, please inform us so that we can remove your information from our records. It is essential to complete the membership form to become a part of the group and participate in our events, failure to do so will result in us being unable to include you in our activities.

If the member is aged below 18 please be advised they will subject to our child safeguarding policy, there is a section for parental permission. If you are over 18 please click not applicable.

By filling in this application form you will also be added to our mailing list for news, events and details.

All membership forms will be kept on file unless you specifically request removal inline with GDPR legislation, we cannot accept paper based application forms under the same legislation.

Ok, that's the formal bit done, lets crack on and do something awesome!

Please complete the form below.

These details are applicable to the member directly, not the parent (if under 18), if the member does not have their own phone number or email address using the parents one is acceptable.
Membership Details

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Emergency Contact Details

In the event of an emergancy who can we contact?

Parental Consent

This section is only applicable if the member is under the age of 18.

Parental Consent

General Details

Disclaimers and Confirmations

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If performing which elements would like to do?*


By law we need you to agree to the following statements, if you do not agree we cannot continue with your application.


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